Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How the Scharnhorst Was Sunk-- Part 1

From the December 25, 2011, BBC News "How Germany's feared Scharnhorst was sunk in World War II" by Claire Bower.

The Scharnhorst was sunk by Allied forces 26 December 1943 in the Battle of North Cape.

Norman Scarth was 18 and on the destroyer HMS Matchless protecting a convoy to Soviet ports in the Arctic Circle.  Rumors were out that the Scharnhorst had gotten out and was on the prowl.  The Matchless, going full speed at 35 knots in mountainous seas in a full gale, was ordered to join the 10th CruiserSquadron with the HMS Belfast, Norfolk and Sheffield.

These cruisers had already had an engagement with the Scharnhorst, but it had gotten away

The British Admiralty guessed the Scharnhorst would be heading north to attack the Matchless' convoy.

More to Come.  --GreGen

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