Friday, May 10, 2013

Bits of War: Missouri Benefits-- Bad Residue

Some New News About an Old War.

1.  MISSOURI BENEFITS--  From the April 26, 2013, Pacific Business News.  With fewer boats going out to the USS Arizona Memorial on Oahu because of the government's sequester, visitors are going more to the nearby battleship USS Missouri, with the second-highest number ever last month, 51,954. The Missouri also reported a 12% increase in January (before the sequester) over the same month in 2012.

The Pacific Aviation Museum also reports an increase. 

2.  BAD RESIDUE--  From the 4-23-13 Seattle (Wash) Post-Intelligencer.  The soil at a base where WWII B-17 bomber gunners were trained is contaminated.  The shooting range had them firing at clay targets that, as it turns out, were made of potentially dangerous chemicals fired in coal tar used to make the targets.

It Just Goes On.  --GreGen

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