Monday, May 20, 2013

Harry Daube, Last Remaining Survivor of the USS Leopold-- Part 2

The thread for the USS Leopold started back last week when I wrote about the lost Purple Heart of Clyde Ballenger being found.  I found this follow-up from 2010 about one of his shipmates receiving his Purple Hear, some 66 years later in 2010.  I came across no mention of his death, so hopefully Mr. Daube is still alive.

From the U.S. Department of Defense by Christopher Lagan.

The Coast Guard blames the 66-year delay on Daube's Purple Heart on paperwork.  Said Mr. Daube, "I accepted the delay....  We had lost all of the officers and the ship's personnel records."

He says he has suffered poor circulation in his legs ever since the attack due to "quite a few hours" of exposure in icy waters.

Better Late Than Never.  --GreGen

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