Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cruising on the Liberty Ship John W. Brown-- Part 2

Some 2,700 Liberty Ships were made during the war and transported cargo and troops to the war fronts.  They were built very quickly.  It took just 41 days to build the John W. Brown.  The ships featured few frills and were designed to be functional and not necessarily to last.

These ships were indispensable to the war effort and many remained in military service for many years after the war.  Others were sold to other countries and to to private interests.  Many also became part of so-called "Ghost Fleets" at various ports along both coasts.  These were ships kept in readiness for use in case of another war.

An all-volunteer group called Project Liberty Ship restored the Brown.  Beginning in 1988, the ship began cruising from Pier One of Baltimore's Clinton Street.  The one Donald Halverson was on had 550 passengers (the ship can hold 700).

When cruising, every effort short of being attacked is replicated.  The ship's guns are popular sites for photographs.  The September 10th trip is sold out and will also feature a flyover by vintage Japanese, German and British planes as well as actors portraying FDR, General MacArthur and Abbott and Costello will be on board.

There will be a two-hour Veterans Day Tour November 5th for just $20, but only veterans are allowed for this one.

Real, Living History.  --GreGen

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