Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aircraft Gun Turret Found in Ohio Woods-- Part 1

From the December 21, 2011, Hudson Hub (Ohio) News "World War II aircraft gun turret found in Aurora headed to museum" by Holly Schoenstein.

The turret was found in the woods at Moebius Nature Center by Aurora resident Paul Yoc and a friend who were jogging through the woods last year..  Last month, they told colleague and aviation history buff Dale Burrier of Newton Falls about it.

The Sperry Corporation manufactured the cast aluminum and steel turret for mounting on aircraft during the war.  They were used on heavy and medium bombers like B-17s and B-24s.  They were mounted above and behind the pilots for protection from attack from above.

This particular turret was in bad shape after all its time in the woods.  The City of Aurora owns the nature center and will donate it to the Military Aviation Preservation Society in North Canton.

Digging Turrets.  --GreGen

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