Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doolittle Raiders Visit Pensacola-- Part 2

The Doolittle Raiders had their 71st reunion last week at Eglin Air Force Base in nearby Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  They don't plan on having a 72nd one because, according to Richard Cole, "It's getting harder for some of us to travel.  But, we'll keep in touch on the telephone."

Only three of the remaining four showed up for this one.

The Raiders sign autographs for $5 apiece and commemorative posters for $30.  The proceeds from this go to the General James H. Doolittle Scholarship Fund which provides a $5,000 college scholarship to high achievers.  These Raiders are still doing good for their country.

Sheridan Liu traveled from his home in Los Angeles for the event.  His father, Tung-Sheng Liu, was part of the Chinese resistance to the Japanese occupation of his country.  "My father spoke English.  He was introduced to the Raiders and was kind of recruited by them as an interpreter to help get them to safety.  He traveled with the Raiders for about two weeks helping to get them out of Japanese-occupied territory."

Among the Best of the Best.  --GreGen

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