Wednesday, May 8, 2013

World War II-era Vessel Still Sunk in Mississippi River

From the Dec. 23, 2011, St. Paul (Mn) Pioneer Press.

Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with the ship's name and am not sure if it was a submarine chaser or minelayer.  I'd guess sub chaser because of its size, though.  I also read that it was a minelayer used at D-Day and at one time had log books from the Normandy Invasion.

Anyway, the ship is partly submerged.  Maybe its not even there anymore as I did not read a follow-up on it.

Local governments and agencies are squabbling over who is responsible for the 200 ton ship's cleanup and removal.  It sank some four years earlier in 2007 between Denmark Township and Hastings, Minnesota.

Oil and petroleum has been removed from it, it poses no environmental threat and it is right by the shoreline in shallow water, posing no navigational hazard.

No one knows for sure who the current owner is.  Former owner Richard Lindsay lived on it and supposedly sold it to his friend Doug Lentz.

Cost to remove and get rid of pollutants is anywhere from $70,000 to $140,000, which is the big hold-up.

Let's get It Out of There.  --GreGen

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