Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beginning Third Year of This Blog

This marks the 922nd post in this blog and the beginning of its third year.

This was the sixth of my seven blogs and grew out of my Cooter's History Thing Blog because I was writing so much about World War II in it. I figured I might as well just start a new blog, although with five already (and eventually a 7th on the War of 1812), I didn't really want to because I was already spending way too much time on the existing ones.

Plus, we are marking the 70th anniversary of the war and we sadly are losing huge numbers of these old warriors.

I have definitely learned a lot about the war and am a big buff of it now. Sadly, though, I grew up with these veterans (born in 1951) and, until now, never thought much about it. They were just always there.

But Now I Am Definitely Hooked. --GreGen

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