Monday, January 13, 2014

USS Roper (DD-147)-- Part 2: The Rest of the War

On April 29, 1942, the USS Roper rescued 14 survivors of the British merchant ship Empire Drum which had been sunk by the U-135 five days earlier. On May 13th, it rescued another 13 from the same ship. //// After that, the Roper primarily was involved with escorting convoys between Key West to New York until 1943. Then, it was off to Caribbean and Mediterraneans sea convoys. //// On 20 October 1943, the ship was reclassified APD-20, high-speed transport and sent to the Mediterranean Sea. It landed elements of the French Army in Italy then served off France. //// In 1945, the Roper went to the Pacific and was hit by a kamikaze on May 25, 1945. It was decommissioned 15 September 1945 and sold. //// The Rest of the Story. --GreGen

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