Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shorpy World War II Photos-- Part 4

DEC. 13, 2013-- FEMININE PROPENSITIES: 1942-- August 1942: "Testing small diameter, high-speed twist drills, these women employed by Republic Drill & Tool,Chicago, roll the drills down a slight incline to determine if they are acceptable." All part of the War Machinery being made at home. DEC. 10, 2013-- READ ALL ABOUT IT: May 1942 "Southington, Ct. Where Southington folk buy their magazines" by Fenno Jacobs, OWI. //// DEC. 9, 2013-- MATHLETES: 1943: October 1943, Washington, DC "A mechanical drawing class at Woodrow Wilson High School" by Esther Bubley, OWI. //// DEC. 8, 2013 THE IN CROWD: 1943-- Oct. 1943 "Sally Dessez talking with some friends near her locker at Woodrow Wilson High School" By Esther Bubley, OWI (Office of War Information). //// And Schooling Goes oN, As Does Locker Chatter. --GreGen

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