Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Japanese Soldier Who Fought On After the War Dies-- Part 1

From the Jan. 17, 2014, Yahoo! News, AFB "Japan World War II soldier who hid in the jungle until 1974 dies" by Hiroshi Hiyama.

Hiroo Onoda hid in the Philippines jungle for three decades after Japan surrendered, refusing to believe that the war was over until his former commander returned and ordered him to surrender.

Lubang Island is near Luzon and Onodo and three others continued to wage a guerilla campaign.

There were several other Japanese holdouts after August 1946 across Asia. The four on Lubang fought on and their existence became known in the 1950s when one of them emerged from the jungle and returned to Japan. The three remaining continued to spy and attack Phillipine troops and residents.

No Surrender Onodo. --GreGen

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