Tuesday, January 28, 2014

USS Durik (DE-666)

From Wikipedia) //// John Catrano was executive officer on this ship. Kind of an interesting number. Wonder if any of its crew wondered about it? //// The ship was built at Neville Island near Pittsburgh, Pa.. //// Commissioned 24 March 1944and served primarily on convoy duty and also was a training ship for destroyer escort crews. Decommissioned 15 June 1946 and sold for scrap30 January 1967. //// --GreGen


  1. My father served on the initial crew of the Durik. I have the program for the commission ceremony.It took place on March 23,1944 at 1400 hours at the Todd-Johnson Dry Docks,Inc in New Orleans.Another part of the program gives the commission date as March 24. Perhaps Mr.Catrano joined the ship at a later date in 1944 as he is NOT listed in the program for the ships commissioning. The program shows the Executive Officer as Lt.R.W.Gavin.

  2. Do you see John F McGinley. He is my grandfather who just passed. I was looking through some old pictures and his discharge papers and saw this ship.

    1. He is not listed in the program for the commission ceremony as part of the original crew. Perhaps he joined later in the war.