Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shorpy World War II Photos-- Part 5

DEC. 8, 2013, FROSTED TRUCK: 1943-- March 1943. "Between Lockport and Joliet, Illinois, along the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe." By Jack Delano OWI (Office of War Information). Railroads played an important role in moving equipment and personnel from coast to coast.

DECEMBER 7, 2012, THE MORNING AFTER: 1941-- San Francisco. "The corner of Montgomery and Market Streets, Monday, the morning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Photo by Jack Colizi. Newstand with all the papers bearing the headlines.

DECEMBER 6, 2013, SHOVE IT: 1943-- March 1942. Virginia Beach, Virginia. "Fort Story coast defense. A tough job for soldiers is shoving a breech block of the giant howitzer into place. The screw threads help the block to withstand millions of foot-pounds of pressure caused by the exploding charge." By Alfred Palmer, OWI Followed by some very interesting and informatice comments. You should always read the comments on these photos.

The United States At War. --GreGen

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