Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wilmington, NC, in 1942-- Part 3: War Comes to Wilmington

DECEMBER 7, 1941: The Star-News included more photos of the launching of the Liberty Ship Zebulon Vance and had another headline "F.R. Addresses Message to Japanese Emperor Amid Darkening War Clouds." (Very prophetic.)

DECEMBER 8, 1941: Headlines: "U.S. Declaration Expected By Noon;" "War Stirs City; All Flay Japs; Time To Get It Over With; Consensus on Streets of Wilmington." More headlines: "Wilmington Placed on Alert Against Sabotage; Page Calls Urgent Meeting of New Hanover Group to Map Defense Plan; Utilities Guarded."

DECEMBER 9, 1941: "Wilmingtonians Doff Peace Era for All-out War." Wilmington was transformed from a quiet, but bustling peace-time city to one dedicated to all-out-war policy.

War Comes to Wilmington. --GreGen

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