Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wiklmington, NC, in 1942-- Part 3

DECEMBER 7, 1941: The Star-News included more photos of the launching of the Liberty Ship Zebulon Vance and had another headline "F.R. Addresses Message to Japanese Emperor Amid Darkening War Clouds." (Very prophetic.) //// DECEMBER 8, 1941: Headlines: "U.S. Declaration Expected By Noon;" "War Stirs City; All Flay Japs; Time To Get It Over With; Consensus on Streets of Wilmington." More headlines: "Wilmington Placed on Alert Against Sabotage; Page Calls Urgent Meeting of New Hanover Group to Map Defense Plan; Utilities Guarded." //// DECEMBER 9, 1941: "Wilmingtonians Doff Peace Era for All-out War." Wilmington was transformed from a quiet, but bustling peace-time city to one dedicated to all-out-war policy. //// War Comes to Wilmington. --GreGen

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