Saturday, January 4, 2014

Follow Up on the U-168-- Part 2

Continued from my Dec. 6. 2013, entry. This all came about because of the November 2013 announcement that the wreck of the U-168 had been found off the coast of Indonesia. I was a bit surprised by this an I was unaware of German submarines operating in the Indian and Pacific oceans. I needed to do some more research. //// From Wikipedia. //// FIRST PATROL: In the North Atlantic, arrived at Lorient in Occupied France May 18, 1943. //// SECOND PATROL; Was moved to the Indian Ocean and sank the British ship SS Haiching off Bombay Oct. 2, 1943. Attacked by a Catalina flying boat 3 Nov. when four 250 pound depth charges were dropped. Survived and arrived Penang, Malaya 11 November. //// THIRD PATROL: Most successful patrol. Left Panang 7 Feb. 1944 and fired three torpedoes at the HMS Salviking (a salvage ship) off ceylon on the 14th and sank it. On the 15th, the U-168 sank the Greek ship Epaminonas C. Embincis off Maldives. It damaged a Norwegian ship on the 21st with its last torpedo, surfaced, but couldn't sink it because there was no ammunition left for the deck gun. Returned to Jakarta 24 March. //// FOURTH PATROL: Left Jakarta Oct. 5, 1944. The next day, the U-168 was torpedoed by a Dutch submarine and lost 23 men and 27 were captured. (You also rarely hear of Dutch naval forces in the war.) //// In late 2013, divers found the wreck, though it might possibly the U-183. //// --GreGen

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