Tuesday, January 21, 2014

World War II's APc Class and USS APC-15

From the Shipscribe Site. //// A follow up on last week's entries on the finding of the wreck of the wreck of the USS APC-15 in British Columbia. //// The APc (or APC) Class were 103-foot long ships, a 21 foot beam with crews of 21 and capable of ten knots. //// The class originally was classified as AMc, coastal minelayers. The APC-15 was ordered February 19, 1942, along with 14 other of the class. It was one of four built at Camden Ship Builders in Camden, Maine (along with teh APC-16 to 18). //// The keel was laid 6 April 1942 and was launched 18 July 1942. Commissioning came 27 October 1942 and decommissioning 19 March 1946. It was stricken from the Navy List on 28 March 1946 and MA sale 13 Jan 1947. //// I wonder if there are any surviving examples of the class. //// --GreGen

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