Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dravo's Neville Island Shipyard-- Part 2

Starting in December 1942 until February 1944, the shipyard concentrated on te construction of LSTs. They built LSTs 1 through 60. From January 1944 to April 1944, they built destroyer escorts DE-665 to DE 667: Jenks, Durik, and Wisemen. (The Durik had had John D. Catrano, who had commanded the APC-25 during the John Penn rescue, as executive officer,) Later, they built DE 723-738 and were to build DE 873-886 but they wer cancelled at the end of the war. //// They also built the LST-775 to LST-796, LST-884 to LST 905 and LST 1038 to LST-1059. //// Quite a Busy Shipyard During the War. --GreGen

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