Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Submariner Recounts Experiences

From the Jan. 25, 2014, Lehigh Valley (Pa.) Express Times "World War II veteran recounts days aboard Blackfin submarine" by Jim Deegan. //// "Walter Taverna, 91, can still hear the sound-- the click that precedes a depth charge. It was a sound he heard while serving five war patrols on the USS Blackfin" in the South China Sea. //// "Once you get a click, the thing detonates. As long as you're below the depth charge, you don't get that much damage inflicted. When it's happening, you think about 'Am I going to make it?' But you pay attention to what you have to do." //// Today is the 69th anniversary of the Blackfin sinking the Japanese destroyer Shigure. This ship was considered to be lucky because twice begore in engagements, it was the only Japanese destroyer to come out of it. //// On Jan. 25, 1945, the Blackfin was getting ready to attack a Japanese tanker. Just before the attack, the sub's skipper turned the periscope and spotted the Shigure bearing down on him. The Blackfin sank it and then turned its attention back to the tanker and sank it as well. //// In all, 36,950 Navy personnel died in action and nearly 38,000 were wounded. //// Taverna belongs to the 27-member Lehigh Valley base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.. //// A Frightening Service. --GreGen

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