Friday, February 21, 2014

Japanese Destroyer Shigure-- Part 3

From the Pacific Wrecks Site. //// Some information on the ship's operations. ///// APRIL 16, 1943-- Departed Truk with the Hibiki escorting the Chuyo and escort carrier Taiyo. (I did not know the Japanese had escort carriers.) //// JUNE 2-4TH-- Departs on troop escort run to Biak, but the run had to be aborted when it was detected by American aircraft. Diverted to Sorong. //// JUNE 8, 1944-- Attempted troop transport run to Biak. Rescued 110 survivors from the destroyer Harusame. // Later engaged American cruiser-destroyer group. Received minor damage from two shell hits with 7 dead and 15 wounded. Withdrew to Sorong. //// The site says they will have more on the Shigure, but says it was sunk March 10, 1945, but most sources I have found agree it was sunk January 24, 1945. //// --GreGen

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