Saturday, February 1, 2014

The USS Industry (AMc-86-- Part 1

From Wikipedia. //// This article grows out of research on the Fulton Shipyard in Antioch, California, where the APc-25 was built. It also built minelayers, including the Undustry which was the only one that sank in the war, although not from enemy action. //// The Industry was an Accentor-class coastal minesweeper laid down 11 May 1941 at Fulton Shipyard and commissioned 19 December 1941. Wooden-hulled, 195 tons and 97 feet long and armed with two 50-caliber machine guns. //// From 1942-1944, it patrolled the waters of Pearl Harbor. //// In 1944, there was a big need for mine locator ships in the Pacific and the Industry's sweeping equipment was removed and replaced with sounding gear and diving equipment. The ship was recommissioned 15 December 1944. //// --GreGen

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