Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muskegon, the "Arsenal of Democarcy"-- Part 1

From the Dec. 6, 2009, M Live, Muskegon Chronicle "Muskegon was the 'Arsenal of Democracy' during World War II" by David Kello. //// The Continental Motor Co., at its wartime peak, employed 9,000 workers in 1944, manufacturing automobile, tank and aircraft engines for the U.S. and British military. Muskegon was a major industrial city in Michigan even before the war, but really ramped up as war approached. //// Continental Motors (later Teledyne and now L3 Communications) workers had already tripled in force to 3,250 some six months before Pearl Harbor. //// Other factories in Muskegon involved in the war effort were Sealed Power, Norge, Muskegon Piston Ring and CWC. Kaydon started in 1941 and made bearings. Continental received a $11.4 million contract for auto engines from the government. Later, the British ordered 6,000 tank engines. //// More to Come. --GreGen

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