Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Typhoon Louise

From the Naval History and Heritage Command. //// Following along with the minesweeper USS Industry which was essentially destroyed at yesterday's post, Naval Base Buckner Bay, after the war was over, in October 1945 by Typhoon Louise. This was one of the strongest storms on record for the Pacific Ocean. //// It started developing October 4, 1945, over the Caroline Islands and moving northwest in typical storm path. //// However, it unexpectedly swerved north to Okinawa and gained intensity. This sudden shift caught the naval vessels in the bay and they were unable to get out to sea to ride the storm out. //// Winds were clocked at 80 knots and there were 30-35-foot-high waves. Twelve ships and other craft were sunk, 222 grounded and 132 severely damaged. Casualties amounted to 36 killed, 47 missing and 100 seriously injured. //// Eighty percent of the bese's buildings were destroyed. //// One Big Storm. --GreGen

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