Saturday, February 1, 2014

The USS Industry (AMc-86)-- Part 2

On 1 May 1945, the Industry and two other converted minesweepers left Pearl Harbor and made stops at Eniwetok, Guam and Saipan. It arrived at Okinawa 4 July 1945 and located and raised mines and sunken Japanese midget submarines. During this time, it fought off enemy aircraft in July and August. In September, it rode out a powerful typhoon. //// However, on 9 October 1845, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the Pacific hit Okinawa and the Industry was driven onto a reef. Its crew kept her afloat until the next morning when rescue arrived. //// It was determined to be a complete wreck and it was stripped of its equipment, decommissioned 22 Dec 1945 and the hulk sunk. //// I found out it was Typhoon Louise that wrecked the Industry. //// --GreGen

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