Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Looted Paintings At Auction in New York City-- Part 2

Two of these had been in German Air Force Chief Hermann Goering's personal collection and had been painted by Jean-Batiste Pater. They had been taken from Baron James Mayer de Rothschild's collection in Paris. Both will be sold together and expected to get $500,000. //// They and the works of two other painters have Nazi markings (who meticulously catalogued looted items) as well as the numbered system on the Monuments Men after recovery. //// The Pater paintings have the Nazi marks R 70 and R 73, meaning they were taken from Rothschild. //// The Nazis scattered their loot across Europe in museums, mines, basements and salt mines. //// Last year, German officials found $1.38 billion of art in a Munich apartment that had been held by Cornelius Gurlitt. //// An unkown number of art works are still missing. //// A lot of history in those paintings. //// Congrats to the Monuments Men. --GreGen

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