Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Deaths: Louis Zamperini, Hero of "Unbroken"-- Part 2

The film "Unbroken" has been planned ever since 1957 when Universal bought the rights to his memoir, "Devil at My Heels," with the idea of having Tony Curtis for the leading role, but then he became involved in "Spartacus."  After that, it just languished until the book increased interest again.

The son of Italian immigrants, he was born in New York and later moved to Torrance, California.  He surpassed more experienced runners to gain a place in the 1936 Olympics and ran the 5,000 meter race, finishing eighth, but his last lap was run so fast that it even impressed German leader Adolf Hitler.

After the 1940 Olympics were canceled because of the war, Mr. Zamperini enlisted as an Army airman and began flying missions as an officer and bombardier over the Pacific in late 1942.

His aircraft developed engine trouble and plunged into the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles south of Hawaii.

The heroic Story Continues.  --GreGen

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