Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back in 2012, Battleship North Carolina Attendance Down

From the April 23, 2012, Wilmington (NC) Star- news "Attendance decline at Battleship North Carolina" by Cassie Foss.

There were some 16,000 fewer visitors to the famed battleship tied up and serving as a museum ship at Wilmington, North Carolina, in fiscal year 2011 than the previous year.  The 7.5% decline ended with 193,150 visitors between Oct. 1, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2011.

In 2009, 209,000 boarded the ship, the best in the previous eight years.

The drop in attendance is attributed to the still-sluggish U.S. economy and poor weather (one of the coldest winters)

To offset the decline, the ship now has an online store and it also now hosts private events.


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