Friday, September 12, 2014

Wilmington, N.C., At War-- Part 3: Gas, Huge Profits and Deferments

MARCH 19, 1942:  Wilmington gas stations could only be open 12 hours a day and customers had to cut their gas purchases by 20%.

MARCH 21, 1942:  The War Department announced that military service deferments were not to be based on family considerations, but rather on how critical their civilian job was to the war effort.

MARCH 25, 1942:  U.S. Representative Al Gore of Tennessee testified before the House Naval Affairs Commission that some companies doing business with the War department were reaping 700% profit margins and that top managers of some companies were making what he called were outrageous salaries and bonuses since the start of the war.

Some Things Just Don't Change for the Last Thing.  --GreGen

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