Friday, September 26, 2014

World War II Pinup Girl Dies in 2012: Margie Stewart

From the May 6, 2012, New York Times "Margie Stewart, WWII Pin-up Girl With Wholesome Air, Dies at 92."

The U.S. Army made a dozen different posters of Margie Stewart originally, but by the end of the war, that had expanded to 94 million copies.  Most of them had the message "please...get there and BACK."

She posed in practical clothes in contrast with provocative ones of Betty Grable's "The girl with the million dollar legs" and Ann Sheridan's "The Oomph Girl."

American soldiers yearned to know who she was.

She died April 26, 2012, and was born Dec. 14, 1919, in Wabash, Indiana.


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