Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wilmington At War: Camp Davis, Rationing, Price Controls and Income Tax

From the March 20, 2012, Wilmington (NC) Star-News "Back Then" by Scott Nunn.

MARCH 1, 1942:  Other than the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company, the biggest impact on Wilmington during the war was the 26,000 soldiers stationed and training at Camp Davis located north of the city in Holly Ridge.  The camp covered 45,000  acres and had over 3000 buildings.  Anti-aircraft men were trained there.

MARCH 3, 1942:  Rationing and price controls were starting to have an impact.  In a front page story.  Wilmington was one of twenty "defense watch areas" nationwide ordered to keep 1941 levels on prices.

The government feared profiteering due to the high demand for housing for those coming to work in the growing defense industry.

MARCH 3, 1942"  The Treasury department asked Congress to double the income tax payments of most people to raise $9.6 billion for the war effort.

The Impact on the Homefront.  --  GreGen

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