Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wartime Wilmington, N.C.-- Part 2: It's a Bike and a MilkThing

MARCH 12, 1942:  The War Production Board announced a 42% cut in the production of bicycles and a tentative plan to halt the production of all home washing machines.

Raw materials must be conserved for the war effort.  The conversion of plants to war production was hastened.

All bikes produced had to follow the design of the so-called "victory-model" and no children's bikes could be produced at all.

MARCH 14, 1942:  Five Wilmington restaurants were declared off-limits to military personnel for selling milk in excess of the 5 cent wartime cap.  they were the Southern Kitchen on Princess Street, USA Restaurant on Market Street, Bus Terminal Cafe at 2nd and Walnut streets, Cape Fear Sandwich Shop at 2nd and Grace streets and the Famous Grill at Sunset Park.

War at the Homefront.  --GreGen

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