Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back in 2010-2012, Lake County, California, Lost Four Pearl Harbor Survivors, But Three Still Living

From the April 1, 2012, Lake County News.

WALTER URMANN was the fourth Pearl Harbor survivor to die in the previous year and a half.

Also dying:

CHUCK BOWER, died Nov. 12, 2010,  of Clearlake Oaks, at the U.S. sub base.

JIM HARRIS, died Jan. 8, 2011, of Lucerne, on the USS Dobbin.

FLOYD EDDY, died May 14, 2011, of Kelseyville, on the minesweeper USS Trevor


CLARENCE "BUD" BONER on the USS Tennessee

BILL SLATER on the USS Pennsylvania

HENRY ANDERSON  on the USS Tennessee

Losing the Greatest Quickly Now.  GreGen

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