Saturday, September 27, 2014

RAF Plane Found in Sahara Desert in 2012

From the May 11, 2012, Catholic Online.

The discovery of the RAF Kittyhawk P-40 is hailed as the "aviation" equivalent of finding Tutenkhamen's Tomb.

The pilot of the plane, Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping,  is believed to have survived the crash but most likely died trying to walk out of the desert.  The plane has been unseen and untouched ever since.

The crash took place in June 1942 and took place during the North Africa Campaign.  Copping is believed to have lost his bearing while flying the damaged, American-made, plane to another base for repairs.

It was not hidden by the sand, just sitting there.

Hard to believe something like that could have been above ground for that long and not seen.


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