Tuesday, September 16, 2014

McHenry's "Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive"-- Part 3: The "Kiss" Statue

The life-size statue depicting the famous Times Square V-J Kiss, with the sailor kissing the nurse made a final appearance at the event.  It was there last year.  It is called the "Unconditional Surrender, the Kiss Seen Around the World' and it travels across the country, weighing in at 600 pounds.  Sadly, this is the last time as it now goes on permanent exhibit at a memorial in Branson, Missouri.

Buglers from Bugles Across America helped conclude the event by playing "Taps."  And, this is not your usual taps played by a single bugler.  There had to have been at least twenty of them positioned around the gazebo.  One would start, then the next would start, then the next and so on all around the place.  Sent shivers down my spine and brought a tear to the eye.  This is where I met the gentleman from the USS Wisconsin that I wrote about last month.

As "Taps" was played, 29 white doves were released and did several laps over Veterans Memorial Park, before getting their bearings and heading off for Crystal lake, I believe.

Planning On Being At It next Year.

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