Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Lincolnites Flew With Doolittle

From the April 18, 2012, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Daily Nonparell.

Two men from Lincoln, Nebraska, flew with Col. Doolittle on that famous mission in 1942.

1ST. LT. RICHARD O. JOYCE, pilot  Joyce died in 1983 and first met James H. Doolittle when he was seeking a B-25 crewmen for his raid while Joyce was flying anti-submarine patrols on the East Coast of the United States.

Joyce;s target on the raid was the Japanese Special Steel Company in South Tokyo.  he dropped his bombs and headed southwest, twice flying under Japanese fighters but found a cloud and lost them.

He couldn't reach China and had to bail out over water.  After his rescue, he returned to service, but recalled to the U.S. after his father died.

SGT. DONALD FITZMAURICE, gunner, believed to have drowned.


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