Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wartime Wilmington, N.C.-- Part 1: Liberty Ship and Laws

From the March 27, 2012, Wilmington (N.C.) Star-News "Back Then" by Scott Nunn.

This was a wrap up of stories occurring back 70 years earlier as reported in the Star-News.  They have since publishing these highly interesting tidbits of wartime Wilmington.  Wish they'd start doing it again.

MARCH 9, 1942:  The Daniel Morgan, the 5th Liberty Ship launched at the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company was launched.  It was named for a Revolutionary War hero.

MARCH 11, 1942:  Special laws and regulations were put into place during the war.  One was: "The purchase or receipt in pledge or property issued to a soldier is prohibited."  I'm not real sure what this was about.  I guess it meant that you couldn't take a soldier's property as a pledge to cover gambling bets or other debts.

Another one:  "It is unlawful for any person not an officer or enlisted man of the armed forces to wear the uniform of those services, any part of a uniform, or anything resembling a uniform."  I guess this meant that not military personnel were trying to pass themselves off as military to get special privileges.

The Star reported that several of these laws had been violated according to the provost marshal at nearby Camp Davis.

And, there's More.  --GreGen

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