Monday, September 15, 2014

Noble House Pub Named After Second World War Pilot in England

From the April 8, 2012, Mail Online (U.K.)  "Pub named after Second World War pilot on spot where he was shot down" by Tara Brady.

Sergeant Dennis Noble, 20, was killed during the Battle of Britain, 72 years ago.  His Hurricane fighter plane crashed in a street in Hove, Sussex.  This weekend, a pub opened, named after him.  There is a large painting of him above the bar and even the beer taps feature his face.

He had been in his squadron just 27 days before a German Messerschmitt shot him down in August 1940.  Noble had been working in a London radio shop when the war broke out.

His plane hit the ground with such an impact that it left a 15-foot crater.  They couldn't recover the body so filled in the hole.  In 1996, his remains were excavated and buried in his home town of Retford Nottinghamshire.


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