Monday, September 15, 2014

McHenry's "Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive"-- Part 1

From the August 11, 2014, Northwest Herald (Illinois)  "Homefront heroes" by Stephen Benedetto.

"Aftre being recognized in front of hundreds Sunday, some of the people who helped furnish the equipment and supplies for the American soldiers fighting World War II were left nearly speechless.

"McHenry natives Bernice Etten and Stella Vogt were a part of the half dozen area homefront workers honored during the city's fifth annual 'Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive' event, intended to honor the many people from the generation that lived through the war."

Both of these women worked in area factories during the war.  Bernice Etten is 90 and started making tents for the Army at a McHenry factory in 1942 after her husband enlisted in the Navy.

I was at this event for the second time in a row and was impressed at the large turnout.  I posted several times about it in this blog.


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